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How It Started

Our Trash to Cashback journey began with one recyclable.

Eco-Warriors stepped up and heeded the call to help the environment by segregating at source in their own surroundings, starting in their own home, office, school, or wherever they may be.
(L-R) Mr. Shanahan Chua, Corporate Relations Director (Diageo), Atty. Althea Duque, Legal Counsel (Diageo), Ms. Ceidge Razon, Corporate Sustainability Manager (BEST), Mr. Rajesh Joshi, General Manager (Diageo), Mr. Jan Vincent Mercado, SVP for Business Development (BEST) and Mr. John Paul Guzman, Supply Chain Director (Diageo)

Diageo Harmony – Glass Retrieval Program

Diageo Philippines launches its post-consumer glass collection pilot initiative in the Philippines in line with its Society 2030: Spirit of Progress ESG action plan and bold ambition to pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability.

Tetra Pak UBC Retrieval Program

Tetra Pak’s UBC Retrieval Program is a sustainability initiative that aims to collect and recycle Used Beverage Cartons (UBCs) to reduce waste leakage and take action for the EPR law


Change starts with everyone taking part and contributing towards a common goal


The Trash to Cashback Program is made possible through our partnership with these organizations and businesses




Saving the Environment, while Helping the Community—One Recyclable at a time
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