International Coastal Clean-Up Day

Date Published:
September 22, 2023
Our Trash to Cashback OICs in Bacolod City gathered to participate in the coastal clean-up during the ‘International Coastal CleanUp Day’ on September 16, 2023.

The event engages people to remove trash and debris from the beach to identify the causes of the litter, to change behaviors that cause pollution, and to raise awareness in terms of water pollution.

Thank you to the collaboration of the Department of Public Service, Negros Women for Tomorrow’s Foundation, PEPSI Masskara, Boy Scouts, Red Cross, Lion’s Club, DepEd, and the dedicated residents of Brgy. Singcang. Together, we undertook the vital task of restoring the beauty of our coastlines, removing trash and plastic, and reaffirming our collective responsibility to safeguard our planet. To Brgy. Captain Rosinie Distrito, thank you for the sponsorship of giving rice to our participants.

Together, let us unite for a clean and green environment.

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