Trash to Cashback MBE-C Center launch at the MMDA Compound

Date Published:
February 23, 2023
The Trash to Cashback (TTCB) Program was formally launched through the installation of MBE-C Pop-up MMDA in front of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) office in Makati City. The program aims to promote proper waste management and encourage individuals to become more environmentally conscious. The event was attended by MMDA Chairman Romando S. Artes, Deputy Chairman Frisco S. San Juan, Jr., General Manager Usec. Procopio G. Lipana, and their Eco-Warrior employees.

The Trash to Cashback Program is part of the MMDA’s efforts to address the growing waste problem in the metro and promote the practice of proper waste segregation. It aims to encourage Makatizens to participate in the proper disposal of their waste by providing them with an accessible location to drop off their recyclables. They are accepting recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, and metal which can be exchanged for EP, while glass can be exchanged for incentives.

Makatizens can take part by bringing their recyclables to the center where these items will be weighed and evaluated for their value. Individuals will then receive Environmental Points (EP), which can be saved up to redeem grocery essentials and more. Through TTCB, MMDA hopes to encourage more individuals to participate in the practice of proper waste management and develop a cleaner, greener future starting in their own compound.

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